The Ten Commandments for Modern Times

Yes, there are 17. The world is more complex that when Moses lived.

  1. Vote. Democracy only works when people become informed and vote.
  2. Obey the law. Work to change any laws that are unjust or unfair.
  3. Enjoy life. Rest and treat yourself well. Take the weekend off. Take vacations.
  4. Worship as you see fit. Respect the beliefs of others and do not impose your beliefs on them.
  5. Honor and respect the worth and dignity of all people. Do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, ability or preferences, or anything else.
  6. Don't kill people unless it is unavoidable. Sometimes war, abortion and executions are necessary and legal.
  7. Honor and respect your parents.  They gave you your start on this earth.
  8. Honor and respect your marriage and your spouse. Exclusiveness will suit some relationships but not all. Divorce is sometimes best for all involved. Do it with dignity.
  9. Honor and respect your children. Nurture and support them until they have a good start in the world.
  10.  Do not steal. Coveting is natural, but we do not have to act on it.
  11. Tell the truth.
  12. Treat others as you would have them treat you.
  13. The rich should help the poor.  If they do not willingly, tax them.
  14. Respect and preserve the environment, for ourselves and our descendants.
  15. Search for truth and meaning. Question, read, think, learn and grow.
  16. Work for world peace and freedom and justice for all.
  17. Don't believe all you read on the WWW, and don't pass on stupid e-mails.