Oaxaca City, Mexico
January 2009
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The City

Many buildings were brightly colored

including the Democratic Party headquarters in Zaachila

A restaurant along one of the many cobblestone streets.

The old aqueduct.  There are homes and businesses under some of the arches.

Several streets between our apartment and the zocalo and around the zocalo are pedestrian only, which makes the walking pleasant.

The Markets

This Friday and Saturday market was in Llano park right by our apartment.

These interesting tomatoes and the turkeys below were in the market in Zaachila.

The Culture

Oaxaca, like Merida, is kept very clean.  Photo near the cathedral.

A few days later we were in this shop when wind tumbled these over.  Later we saw figures like these in a parade.

Weaving is one of the local crafts.  Pat liked this rug in Teotitlan, a village known for its weavers.  Below the courtyard of a restaurant there.

The Food

A nice dinner at La Naranga

The mole negro, a black or chocolate mole, at La Naranga.

La Capilla
The outdoor restaurant La Capilla in Zaachila

At Marco Polo seafood restaurant we had a great meal sitting under the avocado trees.

Marco Polo had the biggest and best tortilla chips I ever had.

At Casa Maye we had great breakfasts

A different egg or tortilla dish every morning.

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