France 2006 - A trip on the canals of NE France

Part 2 - Our city and town photos in chronological order w/o much commentary.



The market in Nancy has a Spice Hound just like the Coit Road market.

Stanislaus Square in Nancy.

Notre Dame along the Seine.

A romantic cafe, but closed for lunch.

Interesting cleavers.  Does this qualify as a business trip?

The Pei pyramid at the Louvre.

A famous landmark.

Sacre Cour in Montmarte

Paris from Sacre Cour.  It is a hike up here, and we did it twice!

"Our" Montmarte cafe.

Along the canals of Amsterdam at cocktail time.

Steve was fascinated by the small vehicles here, and wondered which one would work best for a mobile sharpener.  Definitely a business trip.

Pat, my reason for traveling and living

THE END (for now)

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